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Advantage Dreamy HO/LB White Plastisol Ink
  • Advantage Dreamy HO/LB White Plastisol Ink
  • Advantage Dreamy HO/LB White Plastisol Ink
  • Advantage Dreamy HO/LB White Plastisol Ink
  • Advantage Dreamy HO/LB White Plastisol Ink

Advantage Dreamy HO/LB White Plastisol Ink


  • - Brand: Kolormatrix
  • - Product Code: ADV135
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Advantage Dreamy White High Opaque / Low Bleed plastisol ink, is a Lower Viscosity, High Performance, optically Bright White ink formulated with a very short body with easy sheer and minimal creep on the blade. Easily cleans the screens, minimizing the possibility of fibrillation, with Excellent Printability across a wide range of screen printing mesh counts. Advantage Dreamy is also a Fast Flashing white with Low after tack, Excellent Opacity, Fiber mat down and Satin Finish. Use as an underbase, stand alone or pop white thru finer mesh counts without the need for viscosity modifiers.

Flash: Fast 150F Gel
Fusion: 320F Full cure
Opacity: Excellent
Viscosity : Medium Low
Bleed Resistance : High
Build Up : Low
Finish: Satin
Definition: High

Substrates : 100% cotton, 50/50. cotton/ poly blends, some synthetics and some 100% Polyesters.  We recommend our ADV150 PolyWhite for Optimal Bleed Resistance on 100% Poly's, 

Bleed resistance: Very Good 

Mesh:  86 to 305 for best results
Tension: 15-20 acceptable, 25-35 recommended 

Squeegee type: 60-80 durometer. Dual (70/90) or triple (70/90/70) 

Squeegee blade: Sharp

Squeegee angle: 10 to 20 degrees

Squeegee Pressure: Medium pressure 

Squeegee speed: Medium to Fast

Wash-Up: ECO2770 Textile Ink degrader or ECO4440 Press Wipe.

Stencil: CBX7700 or CBX7500 recommended but will work with Any Conventional direct emulsion or capillary films.

Storage Temperature: 
65°F - 95°F
Storage Notes: Avoid storing in direct sunlight

Phthalate Compliant Inks manufactured for Kolormatrix are ISO 9001 certified by one of the largest plastisol ink
manufacturers in the world to be Phthalate Compliant and does not knowingly add plasticizers containing the phthalates listed and outlined in California Bill 1108, CPSIA HR-4040 and Oeko-tex Standard 100. The plasticizers identified may include di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), dibutyl phthalate (DBP), benzyl butyl phthalate (BBP), diisononyl phthalate (DINP), diisodecyl phthalate (DIDP), di-n-octyl phthalate (DnOP), (DIBP) Di-iso-butyl, and (DMP) Dimethylphthalate, including esters of ortho-phthalic acid and are not direct ingredients in the manufacture of Claira High Opacity Non-Phthalate Inks.

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